Wisconsin NR193 Updated and Ready

Find a lake in the State of Wisconsin that does not have a project that needs funding and it is just as likely that you have a lake without a plan and perhaps a no approach to lake management. Even when a body of water has no visible problems, there are always proactive steps that can be taken to ensure that it is best positioned to remain that way for the foreseeable future.

You only need to spend a small amount of time in other states to understand the discrepancy of available funding for natural resources related projects, especially the reserve available within the State of Wisconsin. Germane to all this discussion is the newly repackaged Wisconsin Surface Water Grant (NR193). This is mentioned within the “Grants” section of this site. Based on information from webinars, it is technically a very similar program, however it should be stated that there are enough nuances to the apparent paperwork that getting in front of the finer points of the program may be important.

There have been a number of regional webinars put on by WDNR staff over the past month to review the transition of the program, what’s new, what’s better, and the revised timelines. Recorded webinar session information is forthcoming. Information will be posted here over via Twitter once available. The initial indication is that this information will be made available the week of 7/27. Check your local watershed and lake planning documents for applicable implementation projects. No plan? Consider using a planning grant to develop one.

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