Welcome to Wisconsin Lakes.net!  This is a website that is meant to serve as a resource to the people of Wisconsin and all throughout the Midwest who love the abundant waters we have around us. One of the biggest issues that most people deal with is the inability to find useful resources they feel they need to make informed decisions about tacking a lake management issue, erosion issue, or stormwater/drainage problem. Many of the resources available to those looking for this information is sheltered within the public domain, however at the end of the day projects are typically undertaken under the wings of a private consultant and or contractor. This site is meant to bring you resources associated with both. Not all states are the same, not all communities are the same, not all contractors are the same and most certainly no two lakes, streams, or watersheds are the same.

If you cannot find what you are looking for feel free to reach out. This website is meant to be a resource which will grow with time and as such, improvements will be driven by feedback and questions. We can be reached via the Contact Page.