Shoreline Restoration

Why should you restore you shoreline? Besides the many cases where the shoreline is slowly migrating into the lake? Shoreline erosion is the largest in-lake producer of sediment and by default phosphorus and most other nutrients.  While shoreline erosion is a naturally occurring phenomena, human presence has accelerated the condition in most situations.  Shorelines become unprotected or eroded for a number of reasons:

  • Individual residential access, piers, docks, etc
  • Installation of beaches, public or private
  • Improper vegetative buffers (overabundance of turf grass)
  • Persistent wake action
  • Persistent wind and wave energy due to prevailing fetch orientation
  • Man-made alteration of lake high water levels to accommodate boaters
  • Persistent ice damage

While lake policy can help minimize the impact of some of these concerns it is often easier said than implemented. To repair a shoreline, it is necessary to evaluate the site and consider options to accommodate the shoreline.  Options may be based on a number of possibilities such as cost, environmental impact, permitting conditions, or time considerations.  Based on individual project scope, additional resources may be available.*

*Based on your location, cost sharing opportunities, grants, and additional resources may be obtainable, i.e. Wisconsin’s Healthy Lakes Initiative or Surface Water Grants Program.