Greater Pistakee Lake Watershed Partnership (GPLWP) Stakeholder Group Development

Sometimes it’s hard to act on your own, especially when consensus is needed to accomplish something worthwhile.

Many of the lakes, streams, or other surface watercourses are a direct reflection of the watershed that delivers them water.  This is why it is standard practice for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to encourage the practice of watershed management through active stakeholder group participation.  This is a process that is absolutely necessary to to obtain EPA grant funding through the 319 process often directly associated with water quality projects.

These groups rarely exist in their infancy, at least not as they reflect the stakeholders of entire watershed.  It is important for various factions within a watershed to understand how everyday activities within the watershed are directly and indirectly impacting downstream water resources.

In fall of 2016 Manhard obtained a Watershed Management Assistance Grant (WMAG) from the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission (SMC) on behalf of the Fox Waterway Agency (FWA) to build capacity for a portions of the Fox River from Pistakee Lake (Fox Chain O’Lakes) down to the Fox River at Griswold Lake.  Manhard worked in collaboration with the FWA and served as watershed co-coordinator with Schumm Consulting, LLC.